Super Day

 Super Bowl Sunday. How did this happen? Even if we don’t care about the game, (though practically everyone does) we actually like to watch the commercials, which sometimes reach new zeniths of cleverness, humor and originality.

Of course you can preview them, as I already have. One that appealed to me is a scene showing a upbeat Minnesota guy that adopts a Jamaican accent and total don’t worry; be happy attitude. In an otherwise morose office, he strides about with unceasing good cheer. In the final scene, the guy is driving to the office, and as he’s parking, a supervisor scowls, “You’re three minutes late.” Now a co-worker answers from the back seat, “Don’t be no cloud on a sunny day.” An apparently higher ranked executive comments form the passenger seat. We make the connection. The Volkswagen is so enjoyable that everyone who even goes for a ride gets happy.

Nice thought. Of course that leads to an even nicer one. What if we could just decide to be so positive and so heartening that we left astonished smiles all around us? What if it didn’t even require a new car, - maybe just the sight of someone you love or fresh air or another bright new day to live under God?

What if all commercials were as original and thoughtful as most of the Super Bowl ads? What if we made every day a super day?   

A warm welcome to all my new readers and FOLLOWERS and thank you, THANK YOU everyone for leaving such kind comments and e-mail.  Each and every comment made my heart really happy. I'm humbled by your kindness.

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