God made a farmer

Like so many of you, I was impressed by the Dodge Ram Farmer commercial, the striking voice, the precise photos, the ringing eloquence. Of course I had to find out more about it.

The voice was Paul Harvey, a radio broadcaster who died in 2009. He included the “… So God made a farmer…” poem in a speech in 1978. The 1970’s marked a time when many small farmers like those depicted in the poem were losing their farms, as economic conditions destroyed their way of life. The trend continued; the fight never ended.

In Ethiopia, subsistence farming has been a prevalent necessity, subject to scorching draughts followed by slashing rains that can gush away a year of backbreaking work in minutes. There, the farmers’ fondest dreams fall short of tractors and trucks; there, they dream of another day, when they have dreams to hold.

Everywhere, there remains this symbol, - the honest, persistent, multi-skilled, rock hard, gentle, unswerving, devoted farmer working without limit, day after day, year after year, quietly loving his land, his family, his livestock.

When the commercial tag lines, “… to the farmer in all of us,” it is after the evocation of this symbol, so we can envision our complete devotion to our goal, what we love and cherish, overcoming any heartbreak, forging on in our chosen life.

I would wish you an easier way, with soft sunshine and kind rains and healthy lively colts. Yet whatever it takes, how long it takes, in the end, with our farmer qualities, we will triumph.


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