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"The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas"
Linus pauling

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Decorating with oriental rugs or Persian carpet

Jean-Léon Gérôme, The Carpet Merchant1887

It is color palette, texture, pattern and history brings balance so seamlessly into almost any décor, they make rooms look wonderful, and they do it instantly, without any trouble at all. Besides that, they’re practical. They’re easy to care for and they last for decades.


The term “Oriental” refers to rugs coming from Asia.
Iran, China, India, Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, Tibet and Nepal are 
some of the biggest exporters of Oriental rugs.

The term “Persian” is reserved for those carpets made in Iran, formerly known as Persia.

There are ten basic rug types.  
Hand knotted rugs, dhurrie, kilim, chain-stitch, soumac, needlepoint,
 hand tufted, rag rugs, machine made and wall-to-wall.


 Here are examples of how oriental and Persian rugs can serve as both backdrop and standout in modern and contemporary decor.







apartmenttherapy.com and anordinarywoman.net

Ethiopian Coronation Rug Tapestry, Photo Credit: Rasadam simeon

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He Wrote

Once the ground was only what I walked on.
Once the nighttime sky was only darkness above.

Then this miracle, you came into my life.

Then the ground was covered with flowers,
graceful, fragrant, beautiful, to call you to my thoughts.

And the nighttime sky filled with sparkling stars
to thrill my heart with the memory of you

and now I search for the brightest star
to wish that you will always always

Be my valentine.



A Love Letter To My Husband

ሳምኩህ ያዝኩህ አቀፍኩ በልቤ 
I kiss you, hold you, hug you in my heart. 
You give me more reason to love you even though I love you so much.



First Anniversary

This is the first anniversary of Bereket Décor. I first posted to this blog a year ago. I’ve enjoyed it, especially your thoughtful comments and sharing lovely pictures and thoughts. Thank you so much.


I have some plans to grow and add interest, and always to reflect the beautiful, in art and life.




The Ladder

In my dream I dreamed of a ladder,
Excited I asked myself and pondered
Is this the famous Jacob ladder? I doubted
Wishing and hoping to repeat history
Wondering if God chose me to see his Glory
I looked up to see the gate of haven
But, God was not on top of the ladder
There were no angels to encounter;
It was Just a simple stepladder I clime up every day,
It was my own life I lived day by day.
So, I had a simple talk with the ladder
Though I knew it would not give me any answer. 

“Every day I am trying to clime you up
Every day I hold on to you so tight
Afraid to let go and enjoy the scenery
I want to get to the top, I worry
Sometimes I am afraid of falling
Sometimes I am afraid of dying
Why can’t I enjoy each step?
Why I am I focused only to get to the top?"

I should know each step is a journey,
Each step is a way to my destiny,
Each step makes me who I am today;
Each is step I passed is my history.

If I rush and get to the top,
I might miss what is really important.
I may not see the angels going up and down,
Or worse, I may fall off and never see God on the crown.
I may never know how you are attached to the ground,
And how you reach the haven by the power of the unknown;
From now on I will enjoy your every step and blessing,
My life will be filled with singing, and rejoicing. 

Poetry by Negat Mamo


God made a farmer

Like so many of you, I was impressed by the Dodge Ram Farmer commercial, the striking voice, the precise photos, the ringing eloquence. Of course I had to find out more about it.

The voice was Paul Harvey, a radio broadcaster who died in 2009. He included the “… So God made a farmer…” poem in a speech in 1978. The 1970’s marked a time when many small farmers like those depicted in the poem were losing their farms, as economic conditions destroyed their way of life. The trend continued; the fight never ended.

In Ethiopia, subsistence farming has been a prevalent necessity, subject to scorching draughts followed by slashing rains that can gush away a year of backbreaking work in minutes. There, the farmers’ fondest dreams fall short of tractors and trucks; there, they dream of another day, when they have dreams to hold.

Everywhere, there remains this symbol, - the honest, persistent, multi-skilled, rock hard, gentle, unswerving, devoted farmer working without limit, day after day, year after year, quietly loving his land, his family, his livestock.

When the commercial tag lines, “… to the farmer in all of us,” it is after the evocation of this symbol, so we can envision our complete devotion to our goal, what we love and cherish, overcoming any heartbreak, forging on in our chosen life.

I would wish you an easier way, with soft sunshine and kind rains and healthy lively colts. Yet whatever it takes, how long it takes, in the end, with our farmer qualities, we will triumph.



Super Day

 Super Bowl Sunday. How did this happen? Even if we don’t care about the game, (though practically everyone does) we actually like to watch the commercials, which sometimes reach new zeniths of cleverness, humor and originality.

Of course you can preview them, as I already have. One that appealed to me is a scene showing a upbeat Minnesota guy that adopts a Jamaican accent and total don’t worry; be happy attitude. In an otherwise morose office, he strides about with unceasing good cheer. In the final scene, the guy is driving to the office, and as he’s parking, a supervisor scowls, “You’re three minutes late.” Now a co-worker answers from the back seat, “Don’t be no cloud on a sunny day.” An apparently higher ranked executive comments form the passenger seat. We make the connection. The Volkswagen is so enjoyable that everyone who even goes for a ride gets happy.

Nice thought. Of course that leads to an even nicer one. What if we could just decide to be so positive and so heartening that we left astonished smiles all around us? What if it didn’t even require a new car, - maybe just the sight of someone you love or fresh air or another bright new day to live under God?

What if all commercials were as original and thoughtful as most of the Super Bowl ads? What if we made every day a super day?   

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