Five cups of tea

I read “The Five People You Meet in Heaven” a number of years ago but today for some reason I thought about the title of this book. Very catchy…ya? Who are five people I want to meet with, give joy to, have a cup of tea with? Who are five people that would like to have a cup of tea with me?

Actually, I came up with five people I see often. I wonder if they’ll notice I am trying to enrich their lives, and that maybe, especially today, will they see that I love them?



  1. I can help but wish to be one of the five people you would meet in heaven. I would love to share the cup of tea with you here on earth and the afterlife Yes you do enrich my life and yes I know you love me my sister...I love you! Know let me think the 4 other people I want to meet in heaven...Oh that is a tough one. Some people are going to get mad at me:) I guess it is OK I heard in heaven people don't get mad at each other they are to busy being happy.

  2. oh i love this i hope i am one of them ha ha ha

  3. Abo...This is beautiful and amazing blog! What a great and rewarding feeling to know you. You are beyond talented and beautiful. I would like to have a cup of tea with you in Heartbeat. I can’t wait to have it in Ethiopian cup, when we meet.
    I truly believe that you will change the way we look things, you are so inspiring
    I am so happy that I found your blog a while ago.

    Mu (mulu Alem)