"Adowa" limited edition

Throughout the nineteenth century, European countries colonized Africa, establishing puppet governments to subdue and exploit the native populations. The only moral code was greed.

One African nation resisted those who came to conquer them, and they prevailed. Ethiopia. In 1896, led by Emperor Menelik II, Ethiopian forces fought an invading force from Italy, who had recruited Eritreans to fight with them. Ethiopia triumphed at Adowa, a victory enshrined in our heritage.

I’ve produced a fine art giclee that depicts sixteen scenes from Adowa. There is Emperor Menelik II raising the green yellow red flag to signal advance; St. George blesses the Ethiopian troops; there is the assembly and the riding to battle; there is a fusillade of canons; there are clashes and advances, retreats and covering fire; the attack, and victory, review, a prayer of thanks, and celebration.

The sequence arrests; the colors shine, the art raises to the glory of the history it reflects.

The Adowa sequence attracts the visual senses and then renders the story. It entrances the viewer for an extended study and repeat visits.

The work is 22” by 28.8”. Each of the sixteen scenes is 5” x 7”. Please contact me with any questions or Here's a link to my shop:

This is museum quality Giclee on gallery-wrapped stretched canvas. Giclee is the ideal medium to reflect this story; it captures fine detail vividly; there are no color limitations’ every frame is an artwork.

I am proud of the story and proud of the art, as you will be when you hang it in your home or business.

Wishing you all a fabulous rest of this week!


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