The Earth and Her Child

All year long I waited,
Month by month I counted.
Hoping and wishing praying to God,
To bring a better year to everyone.
Coming up with names that would fit you,
Asking my self what to name you.
Hope? Love? Faith? Or Joy?
You are many but you are one,
There is no one name I can give you.

All I know deep in my heart,
You are different and very special.
Bringing good news to everyone,
Sitting inside me like an unborn child,
Kicking, turning, waiting and hoping;
Counting the days sleeping and waiting,
Growing better, growing bigger,
the big day is coming it is getting closer.

Sweet New Year I cannot wait,  
Yes I admit I am impatient.
To see your face, to see your eyes,
To say welcome my new child,
To hold you and caress you with my warm hands;
To kneel on my knees and thank my God.

The world is waiting,
The world is hoping;
The world named you 2013.
Some want love, some want hope,
Some want God, some want change,
But you are everything to everyone.
Go on my child, go on and be born,
Bring good news to everyone.

I wish you all a very sweet and warm New Year, and May 
God pour his love and blessings on you.

  Poems Credit:  http://visiblelove1.blogspot.com

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