Harvest Decoration Ideas For Thanksgiving

Here in the United States, this coming Thursday we will celebrate Thanksgiving.
We celebrate Thanksgiving according to Abraham Lincoln’s

 proclamation, given in 1863 during the American Civil War.

In his statement, Lincoln states that Americans should celebrate the thanksgiving holiday annually to give thanks to God for His blessings and for all He has provided.
Well,.. This winter season, He provides us with all the necessary harvest to be grateful each day. 

If you’re hosting… Thanksgiving dinner, don’t forget to decorate your home and the Thanksgiving table with… fallen branches, colorful foliage, gourds, pumpkins, corn, rosehips, paradise apples and chestnuts as material. These colorful autumns gifts make the Thanksgiving Day bright and memorable.
Here are a few ideas to make your dining room extra welcoming:

Whether you are hosting a big dinner or little, use what's around you to make simple and elegant Thanksgiving decorations, made to reflect the abundance of the season.

INTERIOR DESIGN IMAGE CREDITS: google image, martha stewart, pottery barn and pinterest 

May your Thanksgiving be filled with joy and family, warmed by the blessings of friendship, and touched with the beauty of the season.



  1. Wow! so beautiful!!! I think that is why we need Interior designers like you! I can wait to see your set up this Thanks Giving. Every year it is different and it's absolutley beautiful which gives me one more reason to be thankful you are my sister.

  2. Three years later (but Thanksgiving time again) and I just found this. Thanks! I haven't felt like decorating much in years, but these ideas are fresh (literally) and you gave us enough so we can mix/match create new ones just from bouncing off.