The reach of our prayers

When we hear about Hurricane Sandy pummeling the East Coast, the ravaged homes, the threatened lives, the loss of power, and people hiding in their homes, - we on the West Coast are subject to a first thought, a thanksgiving that we and our loved ones are not there, that the hurricane is jolting somewhere else, not where we live. We hug those we love; we are grateful for their safety.

After that first moment, though, we allow our love and care to flow to its natural breadth, and we realize that people very like ourselves are holding their breath, and hoping, clutching their own, praying. Then we hear the range of the winds has expanded, and now someone we love is shuttered in the eye of the storm. Now the terror touches us. We picture the threatened, feel ourselves in their place. We are not there; we are secure, but we hope with them and wish and think of what might help, and we pray as hard as they do.

               “No man is an Island… any man’s death diminishes me… 
And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”

John Donne, Meditation

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  1. So Beautiful! thank you for sharing this and we are all together in this. Like you said we are praying as hard as they do...I love today's picture by the way.