pumpkins varieties

"The word "pumpkin" usually brings to mind the vibrant orange that symbolizes all things related to autumn.  

But did you know the king of jack-o-lanterns 
comes in many colors besides orange?
 Varying from deep, robust orange to a light, bright hue,
pumpkins are the hit of the fall season.
 Pumpkin varieties have expanded to include 
shades of red, pink, green, tan, white, and blue
 to please the palates of those looking for something unique or fun.
So, pumpkin lovers have lots of variety to choose from. What’s your favourite pumpkin color?

With such a rich and varied color palette beyond the beloved traditional orange,
pumpkins are ideal for your autumn decor. 
Whether you choose white, blue, red, or striped, you can be sure these unique pumpkins will command attention, bringing a sense of wonder and fun to the season."

Text CREDITS: www.sensationalcolor.com

Enjoy your pumpkins.
Thank you for visiting my blog! May your autumn days be filled with laughter - 
And your nights be filled with peace.


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  1. hahaha I love Duba Beyaynetu! Very creative. My favorite is the blue and white pumpkin. I never seen a pumpkin like that. I always learn something new reading your blog. Thanks so much for sharing this.