My Halloween cup

Of course, one of my favorite places in the world is Williams Sonoma. I entrance myself in all the designs; delight myself with the artistry, even the small objects, like place mats and cups. So, it’s Halloween time. I am not so much a Halloween person, but that is the décor pervading the inventory. It is not so different than the fall, with its orange and black colors.

So I find this cup. With its matte black finish and three legs and globe shape, it is the perfect cup for a witch’s brew, and when I slowly look at the price to see if I can afford it, I discover that that is indeed what they call it, - a cauldron mug. It is too expensive for tea, but if you just need one for brewing stinging nettle and bat zombie parts and other secret ingredients to cast a spell on the night, it is so worth it.

Of course I don’t do that; that would be one of my sisters. I just want my cup on display for a while, and then I see it looks sort of Mesopotamian, inconsistent with my Ethiopian theme. I need to change its nationality. I think about painting it, maybe Sheba and her court with big eyes, but this would not survive the microwave and its Halloween witch brew identity would be forever destroyed. Then I knit it a cap, a straw cap reminiscent of an Ethiopian hut, and I think it works. You can always take its hat off, and return it to its lair.

What do you think? 

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  1. I can't believe you told the world about my secret spell, but it is ok I forgive you. After all it is a free advertisement. Now let's get back to the question of changing my magic spell tea pot to Ethiopian tea pot. I am a little worried once you change its nationality to Ethiopian it may never want to go back to being a magic spell pot. I believe I heard you saying "Once you go Ethiopian you never go back" It doesn't rhyme but I understand what you mean.
    Why would it want to go back to being a magic spell pot after experiencing of being a part of something magical by nature? How can it live all the rich history and culture? How about the beautiful people, and their lovely homes field with love. Even the sweet tea made from all kind of spices is addicting and hard to leave. It is surrounded by the entire aroma around the tea pot from the most tasteful food which is also so good for the body. How about the new friend of the tea pot called Jebena. Ohhhh Jebena smells so good and keep the tea pot awake by it's wonderful smell.
    You might think it is easy to wear the nationality Hat for a day or two and go back to being something without history, back ground or culture, but it is very hard not having an identity and being called a simple magic pot. There is nothing more Magical than knowing where you come from.

    I love your blog... Please don't stop for the sake of your passionate followers like myself...

  2. You got a talent give it to you by God I am glad you are not wasting it. I love your blog keep it up!

  3. OH, that is adorable--and so are you!