Sitting in the park, waiting for you


Sitting in the park, waiting for you-hoo-hoo

Shana, nana, nana...

Yes, I'm sitting right here
Waiting for a-you my dear
Wondering if you’re ever gonna show up...

I don't know if you’re gonna show
My darling I’ve got to go
But nevertheless, I said
You gotta me waiting

Sitting' in the park waiting for you-hoo-hoo
Shana, nana, nana...

Sitting here on the bench….

Sitting in the Park lyrics by Billy Stewart

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend full of happy moments,
and a special hello to those of you who have just found your way here!



  1. I just want to say that I love your blog, and you post the most beautiful things!
    Your photos are amazing and your style is impeccable! xoxo love following and reading your blog posts, Dear Bereket you have incredible style!


  2. I was there my darling at the park watching you waiting for me. I watched you but you didn’t see me, I kissed you didn’t feel my kiss. I even hugged you, but you didn’t hug me back. I asked if I could carry your big purse, but you didn’t answer. I complimented you on your authentic scarf and your matching dress my beautiful Ethiopian queen, but you didn’t say thank you. Yes I know you are waiting for me to show up, but I am waiting for you to notice me…

    I wonder if you ever going to notice me…Shana, nana, nana.

    Thank you for your beautiful blog