Real beauty never fades II

After reading through some of the comments and email from my last blog…one of the comment hit me straight in the heart and make me to think more about the beauty…
I thought Richard M. stated the thought …but Negat added more to this topic … after all this is an endless topic, a joy to discuss. Well, let me share with you what Negat said,

Real beauty never fades because it starts and ends inside you. It is like being pregnant the only difference is you give birth to a child, but the beauty that is created inside you becomes you. The more you nurture it the more it grows, the more it grows the more it blends with you. That is when you start shining the inside out and you become light. You become light to the people who are around you. 

Some would admire you and become a part of you shining their own light, not necessarily competing but joining you to make the surrounding as bright as possible. Others will hide from your light wanting to hide in the darkness that is surrounding them, so they will do anything it takes to still your light and to cover you with their darkness, but of course that is impossible.

 They can’t steal your light because in order to steal your light they have to be so close to you and know every inch of your being, your thoughts, your dreams, your soul...Once they experience that they wonder why they every chose to live in darkness and join you in shining the light they were meant to shine”
What a beautiful thoughts to share...Thank you Negat.

Bereket’s painting from a photo by Perry of my beautiful cousin Zenash
The original photo was posted on face book
Thank you, Zenasheyie, for letting me use it your glorious photo

Ps, Thank you so much for all of your kind comments and emails, and hello all new readers!


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