New beginnings, New blessings

Negat  M. wrote

"New year! Yes.. It is Ethiopian New Year... 
I begin, you begin, she begin, he begin, we began….we are given another year
another chance, another opportunity to begin.

 It is like getting a brand new house without any clutters, no regrets, no holes, no sadness, no bad cabinets or a garage field with stuff.
 Yes the old house may have all that and more, but the new house is painted all white, so you can paint it however you want to. 
It is your house... it is your story. What do you want it to look like?

All the things you didn’t like in your old house 
your are given a chance to change it, and some things you liked about your old house here you go bring it in, and mix it in with the beautiful life a head of you.
 It is your new house, and you have the whole year to fill it in with as much good things as you want to. 
Relax and enjoy every single minute of your decoration.   

After all life is an art and the artist must enjoy the process of his work because that is his passion.  Be passionate, live life, breath and keep working on your future.
 Remember don’t bring back any clutters you don’t need from the old house.
 Throw away all the bad ones, and if you find some things others might need don’t forget to share them. 
Give away as much as you can, so your new house could feel like a home not only to your body but to your soul and to others who may need to find peace.  

May God bless you and live in your home and may his plan 
be your plan.  Happy Ethiopian New Year! "

Thank you so much Negat M. for your wonderful words of wisdom …Yes, we all supposed live in new house…yes we're supposed to let go of the past and start off new. We are supposed to forgive all those who hurt us and be open to new relationships, with open arms.
 The future ahead, holds numerous surprises for Us.
May the year ahead bring us a lots of love.


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