Vintage doors

Richard M. wrote

  "Sometimes we wish for magic. We want it to come true. We want to find it, - the pot of gold at the end of rainbow, a step back in time, a magic wand that waves and protects the weak, or enriches the poor, or makes us young, beautiful and wealthy, or heals our sickness, or brings us love.

In our minds, we can create a magic door. You open the door and walk through to peace, triumph, the fulfillment of your dreams, happiness beneath the bright blue sky.

Ali Baba called out “Open Sesame,” and the door opened to reveal incredible riches.

Yet we know there is no magic door unless we build one. Maybe the magic door is what we envision and we can only make it so with our acts of will."

However, there are beautiful doors if we only notice their beauty…

Vintage Doors

Stock Photo of  ethiopia africa weathered door doors aged old house houses
 Keith Levit Photography


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  1. Ewenetm Yaschohal! Beautiful writing, beautiful work!