Real beauty never fades out

Richard M. wrote

"Sometimes old hurts or failures or disappointments stick in our memory. We can’t forget them, though we would like to. What if we change our focus? What if we remember the most beautiful experiences and sights of our lives?  Must we scour our minds for beauty?

 In Shakespeare, Marc Anthony says,
 “The bad that men do lives after them. The good is oft interred with the bones.”

 What if something shines so beautiful we can remember it forever? A truth. A sunset. The one you love. A melody so sublime it lingers in your thoughts forever, in the background, ready to flow to your conscious at the prodding of a few notes. A sudden blaze of colors flashing across the stage. A snow crystal frozen on a window. The rays of a blue moon, the moon, the stars.

A flower that formed while you were somewhere else, and now it blooms for you, or maybe someone gave it to you, or maybe you are giving it. Someone special. A child. A kitten. The ocean shimmering in the night, churning in the day, endless. Everyone you love, or once loved. Words that touched you. Laughter.

Beauty to be cherished forever in your heart.

Banish something ugly to welcome something beautiful. Be thankful there is so much."

Thank you for visit my blog, may your day be filled with love and beauty. Enchanté.



  1. So true Berry.Real beauty never fades because it starts and ends inside you. It is like being pregnant the only difference is you give birth to a child, but the beauty that is created inside you becomes you. The more you nurture it the more it grows, the more it grows the more it blends with you. That is when you start shining the inside out and you become light. You become light to the people who are around you. Some would admire you and become a part of you shining their own light, not necessarily competing but joining you to make the surrounding as bright as possible. Others will hide from your light wanting to hide in the darkness that is surrounding them, so they will do anything it takes to still your light and to cover you with their darkness, but of course that is impossible. They can’t steal your light because in order to steal your light they have to be so close to you and know every inch of your being, your thoughts, your dreams, your soul...Once they experience that they wonder why they every chose to live in darkness and join you in shining the light they were meant to shine...

  2. oohhhh, another blog to follow!
    I love it, I love it! Thanks...Hope your days are wonderful! Great post!

  3. Dear Bereket, Your art are to die for. Richard M, Wow…Beautiful topic and writing! It’s like poetry. One day, I hope, we’ll all learn that real beauty runs deeper. It’s in what you do, think, and say and that's all that should matter. I Just found you on face book.
    Thank you