Real beauty never fades out

Richard M. wrote

"Sometimes old hurts or failures or disappointments stick in our memory. We can’t forget them, though we would like to. What if we change our focus? What if we remember the most beautiful experiences and sights of our lives?  Must we scour our minds for beauty?

 In Shakespeare, Marc Anthony says,
 “The bad that men do lives after them. The good is oft interred with the bones.”

 What if something shines so beautiful we can remember it forever? A truth. A sunset. The one you love. A melody so sublime it lingers in your thoughts forever, in the background, ready to flow to your conscious at the prodding of a few notes. A sudden blaze of colors flashing across the stage. A snow crystal frozen on a window. The rays of a blue moon, the moon, the stars.

A flower that formed while you were somewhere else, and now it blooms for you, or maybe someone gave it to you, or maybe you are giving it. Someone special. A child. A kitten. The ocean shimmering in the night, churning in the day, endless. Everyone you love, or once loved. Words that touched you. Laughter.

Beauty to be cherished forever in your heart.

Banish something ugly to welcome something beautiful. Be thankful there is so much."

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Vintage windows

 Dale Carnegie
“One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today.”


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Vintage doors

Richard M. wrote

  "Sometimes we wish for magic. We want it to come true. We want to find it, - the pot of gold at the end of rainbow, a step back in time, a magic wand that waves and protects the weak, or enriches the poor, or makes us young, beautiful and wealthy, or heals our sickness, or brings us love.

In our minds, we can create a magic door. You open the door and walk through to peace, triumph, the fulfillment of your dreams, happiness beneath the bright blue sky.

Ali Baba called out “Open Sesame,” and the door opened to reveal incredible riches.

Yet we know there is no magic door unless we build one. Maybe the magic door is what we envision and we can only make it so with our acts of will."

However, there are beautiful doors if we only notice their beauty…

Vintage Doors

Stock Photo of  ethiopia africa weathered door doors aged old house houses
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Railroad lantern

There is just something warm about the look of a worn lantern that once used for relaying signals and inspecting trains in the terminal and train yard.

Railroad lanterns come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Even…

the glass is completely missing…
they make great accent pieces to decorate home or yard.

Did you know the word Fanous also spelled FanossieFanos, Phanos and Fanoos comes from the Greek word? Meaning 'light' or 'lantern', and was historically used in reference to 'light of the world' and as a symbol of hope as 'light in darkness'.

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To share this triumph

On Sunday, Tiki Gelana had run half the Olympic marathon in the rain. Then she was knocked down. She fell hard. Her elbow bled. Aching... 
She thought she might not finish. But in one glorious moment, she reached to her Ethiopian jegena heart.
 She climbed up and ran, and never relented. She overcame Russia; she passed Kenya. She won the gold medal for the marathon in the rain, for Ethiopia ... for me!

We cheered. We called each other.

What Ethiopian would not be inspired? Now Ethiopians who feel pulpy will get up and train, not to win the Olympics, but to celebrate, to show that we too are courageous, - that like Ethiopia, we might get knocked down, but we will rise and move forward. Nothing can stop us... Nothing.

I took the first step. I bought shoes,...
superb shoes with fuchsia shoestrings. I can hear someone saying, “Bikila won the marathon barefoot.”

Sure, I am not Bikila or Gelana or Dibaba or Bekele. But I am Ethiopian. However far I make it, or however long it takes,

‘I love running in the rain’. Tiki Gelana

 ... as I run, I will sometimes remember that I am connected to a champion people, and for that moment, I will be a winner.

"I get knocked down, but I get up again ..."

One of the most important aspects of the Christian life is not how many times we fall, but how many times we get up again…
May God grant you according to your heart's desire, and fulfill all your purpose.