50th blog post

As this is my 50th blog post, I can't think of a better way to celebrate than by giving the post title 
“ Tikure Sew, Tikure dest ”
Yes, I have Teddy Afro’s album “Tikure sew” and yes, I have seen the video clip at least a dozen times… made me cry the first time I saw it. It just reminds me of 911… how America was once united…Tikure sew song and video should touch the heart and soul of those who love their land and it's freedom....
I hope that all the people involved in making the film will get a blessing… a wonderful blessing.

I hope that your week bring a smile to your face.



  1. Congratulations on your 50th Blog. I hope there will be many more to come and many more to celebrate. I enjoy each and every one of your blogs. Tikur Sew is one of my faovrite...I love that old picture (two beautiful girls standing next to there brave and beloved Grand Father...They look so proud of him. I see so much story written in there face. Specialy on the Grand Father face. Ohhh and that painting it is like watching a movie...I would love to see it in person. Keep up the good work and always remember even if it is only one person who read your blog and enjoy it you made a difference in one persons life, you put a smile in that one person's face, you made that one person laugh, you thought that one person something he/she didn't know before...
    God bless you my sister!

  2. Congratulation Bereketdecor for 50th post. Very Profound! THIS MAKES ME PROUD!
    I loved it. Thank you so much for this post.
    Hope to meet you some day