Mother's Day Ideas…

Mother's Day is coming tomorrow. So many of us get busy; some of us forget and regret it later when we remember, or when someone more thoughtful delivers a present or a deed, and we feel the lesser. Then there are some who just forget. Circumstances or learning left that vacancy in their hearts. Most of us are lucky this way: we can remember someone who loved us unconditionally, more than life, and dedicated a great part of her self to our happiness. I am sorry if this was somehow denied to you.

Do you look forward to Mother's Day, or is it a burden, or something you dread?  Do you have a mother you look up to and love? Do you have children who look up to you?

What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

For my own part, Mother’s Day is tinged with both happiness and sadness. I am blessed to have a wonderful mother whom I cherish & am still learning from.

But she is far away from me. it will be nice if I do special things for my mom. I think one day out of the year to “honor your mother” is nothing… For all her responsibilities, for all her care, ..  it should be recognized daily, by saying ... Thank You and I Love You .. Actually, the fourth commandment is not limited to a day.

Of course anything special gets commercialized, so we will have a day of crowded restaurants, a blip in purchases of sweaters and perfumes, cards with hearts.

Is time more precious than money? I like other ideas. I would write my mother a poem, or a letter. I would make her dinner. I would make her a card, with a picture and words we could share, because they were special between us.

Sure, I might buy her a gift, but I would be careful to avoid clichés, like chocolates she would never eat or fragrances she would never wear. It’s just that we know each other; I know what she would appreciate; she knows how much time or thought I invest in something.

Everyone who sells something wants to position what they are hawking as a great “Mothers Day Gift.” Unless I was enabling something she wanted, I would not buy her anything like a violin class or a membership. If she wanted to do these things, she would have pursued them.

I think the most important thing is to find some way to say, “Thank You. I appreciate all you did. I love you.

 And maybe the best way is just to say it. That’s what I going to do. I’m going to call across the miles and say just that. I’m looking forward to it.

Happy Mother's Day dear Mom, My Deyie, Deyieyie, yene fikir...

And Happy Mother's day to all you mothers, grandmothers,

stepmother, daughters, sisters, aunts, and friends... 
a  joyful day!



  1. Happy Mothers Day to you too my dear, When I miss my mom, I look at my finger they resemble her very much and my mole on my neck. I cherish the memories. My mother's love will be with me for life and I embrace it. For any one of you who miss their mom you have all my love.
    Love you bunches!
    Nini (Nishan)

  2. Berrye that was so sweet wow min lebel?? happy mothers day to you too keep up the good work