Playing with Amaryllis part II

Welcome back to part II

These trumpet-like flowers that will take your breath away with their beauty

 belong to the genus Hippeastrum.

Many of them are native to Africa. One of the types is known as

African Amaryllis.


They bloom both in the house and in the garden.The amaryllis flower comes in a wide array of colors from red, rose, pink, white, orange, yellow, pale green, striped and multicolored. Some flowers have uniform colors or patterns on all six petals while others have more
 pronounced colors on the upper petals than on the lower ones. 

The large glorious flowers bloom from tube-like stems from a bulb that can live in a six inch clay pot, hardly enough dirt and to keep the plant from toppling over.

Like so often in life, great beauty stems from something small.

Wishing you all a fabulous rest of this week!


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