Post cards and a silk scarf

In the beginning I didn’t know who he was…

The first time I saw one of his art posters … I wanted to paint like him…
When I learned his name… and saw his face on a picture … I was a child … and after that 
I always wished to have one of his paintings.

Now as a grown woman …I wish I would have met him, shaked his hand, discussed art with him. He would have told me how he began, what inspired him, maybe his pains and triumphs. … I would have told him how much his work meant to me. Maybe we can still do this. 
Maybe… when we want things like that, they happen in heaven.

Today…  for his memory I want to do something …but what? Since I did not meet him, I really know nothing besides his art… Did some music or composer inspire him, set his heart and mind to creation, or some story, or a love, or was it simply the Addis Ababa sunset?

I’m just wondering…. What this great artist was like …. Today for his memory I compose this photography using his print post cards and a silk scarf.

Thank you for inspiring us… thank you for the beauty you have left in our toughts, Maitre Afeworke Tekle. 

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  1. He sure will be missed. Thanks for doing this. I am sure he would have loved to meet you and I'm sure he would have been impressed by your work as well.