Recycling tin cans

Koralew … an abbreviation or slang word for korkoro yalew meaning 
some one who trades in tin cans or tinplate.

Especially for those of you from the BOLE area or out side
 Addis Ababa let me explain to you about “korkoro yalew”.

Ya ya… I’m not from Bole, - sorry to disappoint you… I was born and raised in “Geja”. 
Now, a lot of Ethiopians here try to impress others by claiming they are from Geja, but I really am from Geja.
Where is Geja? …  Well, it is the other side of the Bole.

Anyhow…Even though, once in awhile, I act like a Bole leje, it is because, once, long time ago, I drank some water in the Bole area …ha ha ha…  

Enough about my biography. 
I’ll start blogging about today’s topic.

To get back to the story,
Once in a while a tin can collector (koralew) will go around residential areas to collect cans…
 no business card, no flyers, … 
not even knocking on the door. 
The guy just screams his lungs out …
Korkoroyalew ! 

Korkoro, or cans, were everywhere!  Coffee cans, tomato sauce cans, juice cans, ...  Well, here are some crafty things you can do with those cans instead of throwing them away.   
It is kind of recycling… to help out the environment...
First peel off the label and wash it. 

You can cover them with artistic paper, fabric or paint.  

Perfect for storing art supplies or as penholders …   

use them as silverware holders at the buffet table at your party...

Fold linen napkins in them. 

Since the cans are watertight, they are fine if you are using fresh flowers or planting in them.

As you can see… there are many ways to uses for your leftover tin cans. I'm sure after reading this you can think a new creativity way to help out the environment.

I’ll cover bottle collectors, teremus yalew,  next time.


  1. nebil from clevelandMarch 19, 2012 at 1:24 PM

    KORALEW.." koralew, kibat termus yalewu,,korkoro tasa yalewu" i can still remember the melody. i remember selling cans to buy candy. it was a a great source of income growing up. And now thanks to you it will be a great source of creativity and artistic pleasure.

    1. I loveeeeee this idea Berry. It's very innovative. I do remember the chant! "korkoralewwwww". Did you draw the pictures too that cover the Tin cans?
      By the way, the very last post...with the teremus Yalew....I remember people making fun of it too. Crazy girl...!