Decorating with Red

Red by Bereket Mamo

Most of us know the warmest of warm colors red is considered a very passionate color…
 the color of love hearts and
 the color of roses for Valentines day.

Red Arada by Getahun Assefa Balcha

Color theory provides a general framework to describe the behaviors of colors. Red is associated with blood, and with feelings that are passionate, energetic and exciting. 

Red is a good choice for anyone who wants to bring heat and passion to their surroundings. But don't use red as the main color in your home, because it is a power color full of passion. use it as variety color in to produce the ultimate drama.  Use it sparingly, as accent such as..
 red furniture, red upholstery and red accessories.

Barn outdoor room 530x706 Warm, Rich Color Tones Room Decorations

Shades of Red
Burgundy – is a reddish shade of purple, Similar to maroon in depth
Carmine is the general term for a particularly deep red color.
Carnelian – is shade of reddish-brown.
Cerise - is a rose –red color.
Crimson - is deep purplish red color between red and rose.
Fuchsia is a purplish red.
Maroon - is a rich, deep red color.
Persimmon - is a very ripe persimmon fruit
Ruby - Slight pink undertone
Sangria - is a dark slightly purplish red.
Scarlet - a brighter version of red toward the orange

INTERIOR design IMAGE CREDITS: Vogue Living and comfortablehomedesign.com

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