Burning weyra

Spring is going to be here very soon...  March 20 to be exact.
Looks like this year one of the most boring winter anyone could have imagined.
Its been cold in the evenings since its so dry, we got almost nothing in terms of rain… and with out rain we going to say goodbye to the winter.

I create a little green corner to look out on from inside. The rest of the garden is not much to look at yet, since we didn’t get enough rain or just it seems slow to wake from its winter hibernation.

So today I burned some weyra (olive trees wood) outside. It’s like having a log fire burning in your house…the smell of winter …I miss that...
hmmm the smell of a hot chai on a rainy day
I love the smell of burning weyra...
 it's so calming and relaxing….the smell is sensation.

Is the rain all done for this year? Or do you think we'll get lucky at the end of the  this month?  


  1. Hi Bereket,

    I run into your blog while researching Ethiopian herbs & spices and i liked it. kudos! One question if I may - where did you source the weyra from? I haven't smelled it in years and seeing pictures evoked old memories.

    Many thanks.